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Technical drawing

Technical drawing

Electrotechnical drawing office 

We have been providing our customers with technical documentation services for more than 15 years.

The CAD/CAE processing, technical documentation, in the area of the entire electrical engineering has the largest part.

The focus is, for example, on energy supply companies, conveyor technology in a wide range of sectors, cranes and hoists, the automotive industry and its suppliers, etc. Due to our many years of experience, we have relevant knowledge of the documentation methods customary in the industry
(e.g. utility company technology, crane and hoist equipment, conveyor technology in general) and factory standards, such as e.g. of the VW equipment regulations.

All major CAD/CAE systems preferred by the industry are available to us:

Electrical diagram, selective focus. Design concept, electronics

Whether workshop plans and assembly plans, production documents, as-built documentation, digitizing existing drawings, converting data from a CAD system into another format. We are familiar with all phases and versions of the corresponding documentation.

We take on complete or partial projects, help with order peaks, are available as holiday replacements or as an “extended workbench”.